DUB Doctoral Colloquium

The DUB doctoral colloquium is a unique opportunity for PhD students to present their key ideas to a diverse HCI audience and to receive high-quality feedback from their peers and participating DUB faculty. Lively discussions, insights and novel ideas, and new opportunities for cooperation between research groups may emerge from your participation.

PhD students and candidates are invited to present and discuss their work-in-progress or preliminary results in HCI fields at the doctoral colloquium. PhD students and candidates at mid-to late-stages (i.e., third year and above) of their PhD work are invited to submit.


We suggest that all submissions include the following aspects:

  1. Problem domain and the specific problem(s) addressed,
  2. Original key idea and corresponding research questions and/or hypotheses,
  3. Brief overview of related work,
  4. Contribution made or expected in the field of HCI,
  5. Research carried out so far and planned ahead, including description of methods and evaluation, and
  6. 2-3 questions that you would specifically like addressed during the colloquium.

Student submissions must be at most 6 pages long, excluding references. Submissions are required to follow the CHI Extended Abstract Format (2019) (LaTeX template and Microsoft Word template available). We suggest using the six aspects listed above as section headings. If you wish to diverge from this outline, make sure that the six aspects come out clearly in your submission.

We will aim to choose participants representing the diversity of participation in DUB, and we are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive colloquium that provides equal access and opportunity for applicants of all racial, ethnic, religious, sexual, gender, cultural, and disability identities.

The final aspect listed, 2-3 specific questions, will help guide the feedback your assigned panelist provides to ensure that you get the most out of the colloquium. The feedback you get will not likely be limited to those questions. Example questions include “How do I cater my research to an academic/industry audience?” or “How should I narrow my research statement so that my contribution is more clear?”. The more specific these questions are, the more productive the feedback is likely to be.

A subset of submissions from past participants are linked here to serve as examples (UW NetID required): example 1, example 2, example 3, example 4, example 5.

The DC submission is due April 24th, no later than 11:59 pm PST. We expect to have 6-10 student participants and will announce decisions by April 29th. To submit, you just will email us (Nina - ninalutz@uw.edu and Jae - jaewook4@cs.washington.edu) your submission!

DUB Doctoral Colloquium Event

The DC takes place on May 23 (Thursday) and will be an all-day, on campus commitment (10 AM - 4 PM). Barring major conflicts (e.g., mandatory class or appointments), students are expected to attend for the entire event. Lunch will be provided.

Participants will each be given a 20-minute time slot for both their presentation and feedback from the panel. Participants may choose how to split their time, but past presentations have normally been 12-15 minutes; participants are encouraged to keep their presentations short so that enough time is left for insightful feedback. The format might be slightly adjusted based on the quantity and diversity of submissions.

The confirmed panelists are:

CART and ASL interpretation is available for this event. To request disability accommodation, contact the Disability Services Office at 206-543-6450 (voice), 206-543-6452 (TTY), 206-685-7264 (fax), or dso@uw.edu.

Please email us (Nina - ninalutz@uw.edu and Jae - jaewook4@cs.washington.edu) with any questions you have about the event or submitting to it.

We’re looking forward to your submissions!

- Nina Lutz and Jae Lee

Important dates

Submission deadline: April 24th, 2024 at 11:59 pm PST

Notification: April 29th, 2024

Event: May 23rd, 2024