How much of your personal life is on Facebook, MySpace, blogs, Flickr, or YouTube? Are there things you would like to share with some people, but not everyone?

We propose users protect semi-private personal content on the internet behind questions of shared knowledge. For instance, "What is cousin Rodney's catchphrase?" can allow access from a hundred extended family members, without giving them accounts, passwords, and tediously adding them to access control lists.

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A concise question of shared knowledge can specify a region of friends in a social network without explicitly defining the network or its cliques (Patent Pending)


Brien Colwell
James Fogarty
Tadayoshi Kohno
James A. Landay
Nathan Morris
Michael Toomim
Michael Yamamoto
Matt York


Access Control by Testing for Shared Knowledge Access Control by Testing for Shared Knowledge
Michael Toomim, Xianhang Zhang, James Fogarty and James A. Landay
Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, 2008. CHI Note (PDF)