Travis Kriplean

Welcome to the dub blog!

March 31, 2014

This is a space where dubbers can post their thoughts about HCI and design, sparking discussion from the wider community. To add a blog post, login to the admin site and add a blog. Intuitive!

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  • 1 Ramfiz Rodriguez · 10:34 AM, 11/06/10

    Thanks for DENIM, I use it in Honduras, Central America, to the teach my students about webdesign.

  • 2 Arvind Venkataramani · 12:01 PM, 11/18/10

    you folks do realise that nowhere on the website is it explained what "dub" stands for, right?

    • 3 Travis Kriplean · 8:41 AM, 1/27/11

      Yes, the site in general needs a redesign, which we're working on. For the record, DUB stands for "Design, Use, Build", as well as being a group at the Udub.

  • 4 Andrew Davidson · 7:23 PM, 1/26/11

    I know it's pretty old school already, compared to Twitter, but are there no RSS feeds for the dub blog and news sections of the site?

    • 5 Travis Kriplean · 8:39 AM, 1/27/11

      Hey Andy, sorry we don't have RSS at this time. All of the software is custom built by us students in our spare time, and so what gets implemented depends on what is interesting...and I guess RSS just isn't that right now (though hearing demand for it is important for making it more important). We're working on a redesign of the site itself, and RSS might make its way into that. Sorry for the inconvenience!

  • 16 Hoài Nguyễn · 8:37 AM, 10/08/14

    thanks [B][I][URL=""]Bếp Điện Từ[/URL][/I][/B]