Announcing the new Masters HCI+D program

The dub sponsored Masters in Human-Computer Interaction and Design has arrived! Apply now and join the elite entering class in Autumn 2013. This unique interdisciplinary program was designed by the dub faculty and will be taught by dub faculty.

In this year-long, project-based curriculum students learn the latest tools and techniques in user experience and interface design, prototyping, and evaluation. Courses consist of both hands-on studios and cutting-edge lecture courses. The combination of theory and practice, with emphasis on making and doing, provides a dynamic, active and robust learning experience.

UW President Attends dub Retreat, Notes Importance

Over 100 UW faculty, students, and industrial collaborators came out for the 4th annual dub retreat at the Waterfront Activities Center (WAC) today. The meeting included a celebration of awards, short research talks, and poster sessions. The excitement of the event was bolstered by the attendance of UW President Michael Young. President Young saw talks on topics that included the relevance of dub to Microsoft Research collaborations, the collaborative design with Boeing of concepts for the future flight deck, and World Lab, a new joint institute with Tsinghua University in China to apply human-centered technologies to solving worldwide problems in the areas of environment, health, and education. President Young's extensive remarks concluded “This is something that is really important to the university.”

Missed a dub seminar? Watch the video on our new Vimeo channel?

We have been recording videos of the dub seminars for several months and have been putting them on our vimeo dub channel. Check it out at Make sure to subscribe to the designusebuild channel so you can keep up with what is going on in dub.

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Featured at DIS 2014 Vancouver, BC, Canada

      Taming Data Complexity in Lifelogs: Exploring Visual Cuts of Personal Informatics Data
Daniel A. Epstein, Felicia Cordeiro, Elizabeth Bales, James Fogarty and Sean A. Munson

      Music is my life: Disseminating design research to the community
Jill Palzkill Woelfer
Featured at ICWSM 2014 Ann Arbor, MI, United States

      WeDo: End-To-End Computer Supported Collective Action
Haoqi Zhang, Andrés Monroy-Hernández, Aaron Shaw, Sean A. Munson, Elizabeth Gerber, Benjamin Mako Hill, Peter Kinnaird, Shelly D. Farnham and Patrick Minder
Featured at CHI 2014 2014
Workshop paper

      Asking about health: Enabling empathy in research with homeless young people
Jill Palzkill Woelfer
Featured at CSCW 2014 Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Full Paper

      Editing Beyond Articles: Diversity & Dynamics of Teamwork in Open Collaborations
Jonathan T. Morgan, Michael Gilbert, David W. McDonald and Mark Zachry
  Project:  Communicative Practices in Virtual Workspaces

      Integrating On-demand Fact-checking with Public Dialogue
Travis Kriplean, Caitlin Bonnar, Alan Borning, Bo Kinney and Brian Gill
   Honorable Mention
  Project:  Engage

      Monitoring Email to Indicate Project Team Performance and Mutual Attraction
Sean A. Munson, Karina Kervin and Lionel P. Robert
Featured at interactions 2014

      Engaging homeless young people in HCI research
Jill Palzkill Woelfer
Magazine Article

      Computer supported collective action
Aaron Shaw, Haoqi Zhang, Andrés Monroy-Hernández, Sean A. Munson, Benjamin Mako Hill, Elizabeth Gerber, Peter Kinnaird and Patrick Minder
Featured at AMIA 2013 Washington DC, United States
Full paper

      Persuasive Performance Feedback: The Effect of Framing on Self-Efficacy
Eun Kyoung Choe, Bongshin Lee, Sean A. Munson, Wanda Pratt and Julie A. Kientz
   Best Student Paper Finalist
Featured at ASSETS 2013 Bellevue, Washington, USA
Full Paper

      A Web-based Intelligibility Evaluation of Sign Language Video Transmitted at Low Frame Rates and Bitrates
Jessica J. Tran, Rafael Rodriguez, Eve A. Riskin and Jacob O. Wobbrock
  Project:  MobileASL

      Eyes-Free Yoga: An Exergame Using Depth Cameras for Blind & Low Vision Exercise
Kyle Rector, Cynthia L. Bennett and Julie A. Kientz
Featured at JMIR 2013

      Sociotechnical Challenges and Progress in Using Social Media for Health
Sean A. Munson, Hasan Cavusoglu, Larry Frisch and Sidney Fels
Featured at UbiComp 2013 Zurich, Switzerland
Full Paper

    Fine-Grained Sharing of Sensed Physical Activity: A Value Sensitive Approach
Daniel A. Epstein, Alan Borning and James Fogarty
Featured at INTERACT 2013 Cape Town, South Africa
Full Paper

      Hoptrees: Branching History Navigation for Hierarchies
Michael Brooks, Jevin D West, Cecilia R. Aragon and Carl T Bergstrom

      Nudging People Away From Privacy-Invasive Mobile Apps Through Visual Framing
Eun Kyoung Choe, Jaeyeon Jung, Bongshin Lee and Kristie Fisher
Featured at ICWSM 2013 Boston, MA, USA
Full Paper

      Encouraging Reading of Diverse Political Viewpoints with a Browser Widget
Sean A. Munson, Stephanie Y Lee and Paul Resnick
Featured at CHI 2013 Paris, France
Full Paper

    A Trace-based Framework for Analyzing and Synthesizing Educational Progressions
Erik Andersen, Sumit Gulwani and Zoran Popović

      A Multi-Site Field Study of Crowdsourced Contextual Help: Usage and Perspectives of End-Users and Software Teams
Parmit K. Chilana, Andrew J. Ko and Jacob O. Wobbrock

      A Value Sensitive Action-Reflection Model: Evolving a Co-Design Space with Stakeholder and Designer Prompts
Daisy Yoo, Alina Huldtgren, Jill Palzkill Woelfer, David G Hendry and Batya Friedman
  Project:  Value Sensitive Design

      Accessible Online Content Creation By End Users
Katie Kuksenok, Michael Brooks and Jennifer Mankoff

    Cascade: Crowdsourcing Taxonomy Creation
Lydia Chilton, Greg Little, Darren Edge, Daniel S. Weld and James A. Landay

      Challenges and Opportunities for Technology in Foreign Language Classrooms
Katie Kuksenok, Michael Brooks, Qian Wang and Charlotte P. Lee
   Best Paper Nominee

    Gesture Studio: Authoring Multi-Touch Interactions through Demonstration and Declaration
Hao Lü and Yang Li

      Health Vlogger-Viewer Interaction in Chronic Illness Management
Leslie S. Liu, Jina Huh, Tina Neogi, Kori Inkpen and Wanda Pratt
   Best Paper Nominee

      Mastering the Art of War: How Patterns of Gameplay Influence Skill in Halo
Jeff Huang, Thomas Zimmermann, Nachiappan Nagappan, Charles Harrison and Bruce Phillips
   Best Paper Nominee

      Q-Methodology as a Research and Design Tool for HCI
Katie O'Leary, Jacob O. Wobbrock and Eve A. Riskin
CHI Note

    DesignLibs: A Scenario-Based Design Method for Ideation
Jared S Bauer and Julie A. Kientz

    uTouch: Sensing Touch Gestures on Unmodified LCDs
Keyu Chen, Gabe Cohn, Sidhant Gupta and Shwetak N. Patel
  Project:  uTouch
Work in Progress

    Leveraging Visual Feedback from Social Signal Processing to Enhance Clinicians Nonverbal Skills
Rupa Patel, Andrea Civan Hartzler, Mary Czerwinski, Wanda Pratt, Anthony L Back and Asta Roseway

    Patient-Clinician Communication: The Roadmap for HCI
Rupa Patel, Lauren Wilcox, Anthony L Back, Mary Czerwinski, Wanda Pratt, Eric Horvitz and Paul Gorman
Workshop Paper

    Examining Obstacles to Sharing Fine-Grained Personal Activity Data
Daniel A. Epstein and James Fogarty

      The Need for More Research on Mobile Technologies for People with Low-Vision
Shiri Azenkot, Kyle Rector, Richard E. Ladner and Jacob O. Wobbrock
  Project:  MobileAccessibility

      Vulnerable or susceptible? Designing for and with homeless young people
Jill Palzkill Woelfer
Featured at Pervasive Health 2013 Venice, Italy
Full Paper

    Visual Feedback on Nonverbal Communication: A Design Exploration with Healthcare Professionals
Rupa Patel, Mary Czerwinski, Andrea Civan Hartzler, Wanda Pratt, Anthony L Back and Asta Roseway
Featured at ICB 2013 Madrid, Spain
Full Paper

      Perceptions of Interfaces for Eye Movement Biometrics
Michael Brooks, Cecilia R. Aragon and Oleg V Komogortsev

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